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Vesta Asset Planning Support-Services

We are convinced that asset management is the core competence of infrastructure companies and we see our task in supporting you to continuously expand this competence. Our services and our planning platform form a unity that is focused on strengthening your autonomy – your self-empowerment.

All of our services ultimately aim to establish an asset management culture in your organization that will make a lasting contribution to creating more value from your assets.

From onboarding new customers to ongoing operational support, our team is here to advise and support you.

We share our knowledge and strengthen your autonomy. As a full-service provider, we convince our customers with our comprehensive services around the Vesta Asset Planner.

In addition to support after initial implementation, which primarily includes training, Vesta offers consulting on individual problems. This includes support for the further development of models and addressing special requirements that arise from the application.

Vesta has been offering training and workshops in all areas of strategic and operational use of Vesta tools for over 10 years.

Through an integrative approach of software and method training, concrete requirements in the real use of utilities are directly addressed. Due to the easy usability and high functional integration of the Vesta Asset Planner, the creation and evaluation of realistic scenarios is possible after a very short training period.

By means of standardized, successfully tested use cases, training courses can be modularly tailored to different user roles and requirements. Extensive training materials corresponding to the respective modules are provided in the workshops, enabling sustainable competence enhancement.

The goal is to strengthen the ability of user companies to independently build models for recurring and exploratory problems.

In addition, complementary workshops on modeling with real enterprise data are offered. In addition to more individual consulting services, these enable a broader deepening of modeling and analysis strategies.

Vesta offers first and second level support in technology and methodology. Individual technical requirements and problem solutions for data integration, data preparation and data estimation (e.g. from GIS, SAP) are accompanied in an advisory capacity and, if necessary, can also be offered as an extra technical service, for example in the form of implementations. We are also happy to address higher requirements that arise during the further development of models, such as parameter extraction using statistical methods.

The Vesta Asset Planner allows a largely independent interpretation and processing of the results by the user companies. However, this service can also be provided by Vesta as an all-round service – in constant alignment with management requirements. In addition, special requirements of the analysis are taken into account. For example, Vesta offers computing services supported by high-performance computers for optimization tasks.

The Vesta Asset Planner is an in-house development of Vesta Business Simulations GmbH. Due to this well-founded, technical competence, Vesta is therefore not only able to offer first-hand technical support, but above all to respond extensively to individual customer requests. Especially in combination with content-related consulting, solutions can be found that are perfectly tailored to the specific application needs.