VAP – the most comprehensive and extensive planning platform for network operators

Support all aspects of your planning process with our platform – regardless of line of business and across lines of business. Collaboratively create asset management plans optimized for your business that really work and create the most value for your organization.

The Vesta holistic planning process in schematic view:

Your user experience is the key to self-service asset management. But there is more to it than just a fancy interface. We convince our customers with our strength in usability, flexibility and performance of our planning platform and its holistic support of the planning process.

Intuitive usability is one of the essential pillars of positive user experience. Your content questions should be the focus, not learning the software. With Vesta Asset Planner, we give you the right tool for your know-how and skills. Convince yourself of state-of-the-art methods for modeling and analysis in an intuitive user interface.

However, intuitive usability alone is not enough for the complex task of comprehensive planning for network operators: Software performance is no less crucial. Too long turnaround times prevent efficient development of models and scenarios. The Vesta Expression evaluation engine operates directly on the Vesta in-memory database. Advantages: Model changes can be made by the user on an ad hoc basis. You often get the result in real-time, even with millions of assets.

The functionality of Vesta Asset Planner addresses all aspects of the planning process and is specialized for the needs of network operators. Driven by the needs and wishes of our user community, we are continuously developing our platform together with our customers.

Vesta Asset Planner supports your planning process holistically: Our platform allows you to comprehensively perform your planning tasks and their various aspects in just one software. Collaboratively create models, plans and scenarios without having to resort to additional tools.

VAP22 with new interface design
for more clarity and focus.

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