The core team of Vesta Business Simulations consists mainly of lecturers, guest scientists and graduates of the mathematical research centers at TU Berlin. The typical combination of mathematical advanced problems with software development which is prevalent at Vesta Business Simulations is especially attractive for younger graduates.

Excecutive board:

Holger Pietsch (CTO and co-founder): Prior to Vesta, Holger studied applied computer science at FHTW-Berlin School of Applied Sciences. He was engaged in the working unit SFB-288 at the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) and has supported the mathematical research software development as a software expert.

Markus Schmies (CEO and co-founder): Prior to co-founding Vesta Business Simulations, Markus Schmies spent eight years researching and teaching at the Berlin Institute of Technology. From his academic time, he worked on visualization software and SD-library which later became the basis of Vesta's core products. He is the author of several academic articels on mathematical visualization and holder of several German and international awards for his software. Markus Schmies holds a Diploma in mathematics and physics from the University of Bonn and PhD in natural science from the Berlin Institute of Technology.


The founders of Vesta Business Simulations are Dr. Markus Schmies and Holger Pietsch. They have been creating numerical software together since 1997. At the time of the formation of Vesta Business Simulations they could rely on long lasting experience in the development of scientific software.