SAM - Strategic Asset Management

SAM is a cooperative model-driven decision support system (DSS) for strategic asset management (SAM) for tangible assets, technical facilities, real estate or infrastructure. SAM uses qualitative system thinking and quantitative system simulation to pursue an integrated modeling approach known as system dynamics. SAM does not focus on individual systems like OAM, for example, but views systems as a whole. SAM classifies systems and combines into groups those that behave similarly for the analyzed problems. SAM models the behavior of the groups as such, but also their interactions with each other. The modeling approach is based on using aging chains to view the life cycle of the assets. With its Vesta Condition Aging Chains, Vesta has created an innovative modeling approach that has become the quasi-standard over the last years.


  • integrated, technical and business oriented representation of equipment
  • optimal budget and ressource allocation via efficient development of integrated maintenance and replacement strategies
  • strategy development for the whole company (different sectors) of special sub sectors of company/network
  • attestable and comprehensible results for internal and external communication
  • transparent calculations and high simulation performance