2015 2 out of 4 major german utilitiy companies use Vesta Business Simulation tools

2014 Development of an extensive model for a bigger customer

2013 Development of a  new module for data integration, first directly marketed products and directly served customers

2012 Development of the Vesta In-Memory database

2011 First project in the US.

2010 First Licensing in Switzerland, first projects in regulation management

2009 First Licensing in Austria, Development of REG a tool for regulation management

2008 First Licensing of SAM

2007 Distribution partnership with Fichtner, Stuttgart and Mettenmeier, Paderborn; Start of development of OAM

2006 3 of 4 major utility companies are licensees of the SD library

2005 Partnership with a big consulting company, joint projects for the biggest german utility company and network provider

2004 Development of an asset simulation tool on the base of the SD library

2003 Development of a Java Library for System Dynamics (SD), formation of Vesta Business Simulations GmBH