Next to support after first implementation, like training, Vesta Business Simulations offers consulting for special customer needs. This includes support in later stages of model development and response to special task specific demands.


Model Development

Vesta Business Simulations offers first- and second-level support with regard to technical implementation and methodology. Consulting for individual technical demands and solutions during data integration, data preparation and estimation (e.g. from GIS, SAP) is offered and may be supplemented by technical extras, like in form of implementations. We gladly respond also to more advanced tasks, which may occur during further development, like parameter mining with statistical methods.


Support for applications

Vesta tools allow for a far-reaching autonomy concerning the interpretation and the analysis of results by users. Those activities are however also offered as an allround service which goes all along with management demands.

Furthermore special needs during analysis are met. Thus for example the processing of optimization tasks on high performance computers is offered.