Vesta Business Simulations GmbH develops software solutions which enable an integrated asset strategy.

With software modules of the Vesta Business Decision Support Systems business strategies may be projected and implemented in a very usability focused way. The user interface is currently adjusted to special customer demands from the gas and water and electric utility sectors. It is subject to constant quality control and adjustments in coordination with its customers. Due to their high customisability the software tools may provide high performance power and scalability.

Using high performance algorithms in cooperation with universities is important for us. The implementation of simulation methods from dynamical systems theory in combination with a highly scalable data management allows for a well-founded software support of business decisions.

For network operators this means for example that business data for very small cable routes may be collected, analysed, modelled and optimized in the context of the whole network. In this context time resolutions range from less than a year up to decades.
Repository solutions facilitate intra business communications, which may even take place between different business units and which enhance the discussion of concerted solutions between the conflicting areas of asset service, asset management, planning and strategic decisions.
The business model of Vesta Business Simulations GmbH encompasses the sale of modules, training, workshops, consulting and technical support at first hand.